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Size of eggs

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Help please haven't posted on here in a while. I've got three new pol hybirds to go with my older girls. Think ruddy the bluebelle has started laying but her eggs are so small is this normal? As can't remember my older girls laying such a small egg. If so how long before they get bigger?? They the size of quails eggs.

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Congrats on your new girls!


I think egg size can vary a lot for young birds that just started laying. One of my bantams still lays rather small eggs (even compared with the other bantams). But sometimes they are slightly bigger. They just need to get the hang of it and soon will probably just lay averaged sized eggs.

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We started with four hybrid and kept a chart as they started to lay.




Vertical axis is in grammes


Bettie was the bluebell hybrid

Coco is a Coucou Marran hybrid

Siouxsie is Light sussex hybrid

Ginger was Gingernut hybrid


We also has a few gaps, a few softies and a few tiny eggs


By the end of the chart until now the size is only a little bigger, at about 64g for Coco and Siouxsie


Our new hen (a Vorwork) , who laid her first egg yesterday, manager 40g

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We had a problem with our Bluebell Eve. She had a very dark comb and skin and we thought that a lack of sunlight leading to a vitamin D deficiency was responsible for the soft shells. Vitamin D is used in the transportation mechanism which gets calcium from storage in the bones across to the egg. Try 1mL of Cod Liver Oil. It worked somewhat for us. Are you giving extra Calcium above what is in the layers pellets? This can upset the Calcium to Phosphorous ratio and lead to soft shelled eggs I read last week. So in effect giving too much Calcium is counter-productive and has a reverse effect.

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No they only have layers pellets grit cider viniger in the water. They free range all the time and have a handful of corn three times a week or more if it's cold. Had a egg half shell half membrane. Then another softie but today normal egg. The new girls eggs are starting to get bigger to. Thanks for advice bout cod liver oil

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