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Not going in the Eglu at night?!

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I have just put a new plastic table in the WIR with the Eglu at one end and the anti-broody cage on the other end. This is exactly the same setup as before just with a new table.

Since I did this the girls have jumped up to the top of the anti-broody cage and stayed up there over night instead of going into the Eglu?!

The Eglu is clean and no evidence of bugs or nasties, the only difference is the table!

could they just be scared of the new table? or can chooks just simply change their preferences and decide to sleep outside of the Eglu just because they can??! will have a closer investigate but am working away until tomorrow night, having to work on reports from OH who is scared of them so wont lift them down off the cage which I did last night with the littlest one who refused to get down!

any thoughts?

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Thanks for the replies everyone!


The table is the same height as the previous table, and everything is in the same place as it was before. the only difference is that this table is white plastic topped instead of the red formica I had in there before!


The Eglu was freshly cleaned and sanitized with powders and smite on sunday and then the table arrived on monday so I put it in then. Since that point they have taken to roosting on top of the A-B cage. Random little monkeys!!!


WIll try taking it out and see what they do then, perhaps putting some of the woodchip on the table top too to try and blend in the colour a bit!


just when I thought i had figured them out, they start behaving oddly!!! :):doh:

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