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Christmas Swap 2014

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I'm sure it will be fine. We might have to bring the last posting day forward in this instance though. Could you check at your end what the last posting day to the UK will be. Cheers.


According to the postal service website, sending a package will take about 2 to 4 work days for it to arrive. So if I keep it safe and count 5 work days, then my latest day for sending should be the 17th or the 18th for it to arrive the 24th the latest.

I'll make sure it will go on time and the general date can be a bit later.

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Anything handmade is appropriate - the point is that it's had time and care spent on it. While this is chiefly aimed at crafty stuff I had a brilliant present one year of little bottles of flavoured vodka, handmade herb salt etc. it's definitely not just for sewists or knitters - all types of crafts can be included.

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So, what does everyone think about 13th December for last posting (its the last posting date for Western Europe :D )


And, while I think on - can you start to send me your addresses so that I can put them all into my little cauldron and magic your swappee names :D


oooh, its getting exciting - nearly Christmas :D




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