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Christmas Swap 2014

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Never mind... Started today... Ordered supplies... No way back now! I think... :lol:


Serious question:


Any of you swappers allergic to cats? iPoes took a nap on my project today and I don't want to give anyone the sniffles!

There is no real escaping cat hair in my house, but if my swappee is allergic, then I will at least try to get it as cat free as possible.

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Wahh ... I haven't even started yet! :shock:


I bet you lot were the ones who'd be writing their answers to the exam questions while I was still sucking my pen and staring into space! I know what I'm going to do, just haven't had time yet.



How do you know? :lol:


I haven't been crafting for ages (well summer holiday...) because I didn't have time because of work and study. So I was glad that I actually have a few moments to spare (well not really... But that mountain of marking can wait... Right?) and actually have a project that needs to be finished! I work better when I have an actual deadline. :shh:

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Well amazingly - given my usual state of last-minute-ness - mine is DONE! A tiny bit of finishing/preparing and I can wrap it up.


Of course, I could well still miss the posting date! :roll: It was a bit easier because this was a very clearly defined project rather than something you make over a period of time. I'm very chuffed with myself. Now, can I apply the same energy to writing Christmas cards ...

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