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Christmas Swap 2014

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Maybe I shouldnt be trusted with the organising :oops:


Can you all check that you have sent me your addresses (check your sent box)

I thought I had them all, but it seems not :oops:


so, I'm claiming baby brain (she is 8 months - how long can I keep this one going) and the fact that I am blonde :lol::lol:




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Oh lovely Couperwife we read about that in the Times, we used to live in Knitsley (near Consett) and I loved all the area around Stanhope. Really miss Durham, I would certainly have gone on the Polar Express if I'd still been there :D .

One of our favourites was going out to Hamsterley forest to choose our Christmas tree as it was all made into such a lovely experience, wonder if it's still the same (that was 15 years ago).

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My parcel has arrived! I had instructions to open one of the packages before Christmas and it contained some beautiful crocheted snowflake bunting, which I have already put up. I will post pics after I have opened the other package. My ideal gift - instant gratification & anticipation combined. Many thanks to my swappee :clap: DH has just come in and said that someone's been busy knitting, poor dear still doesn't know the difference...

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Thank you soooooooooooo much to my secret swappee for my beautiful present.

I have been made some very pretty earrings and a matching necklace with holly leaves and berries on.

They are very, very pretty and I will be wearing them later.


Thank you again, will post pictures after the rush, and thank you too for the hotel chocs :D



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Just opened my swap gift! And it's awesome! :D




It's a very lovely long scarf in the exact blue colour I always go for! Almost a sea green. I'm not kidding, but my new winter coat is the exact same colour! And looking at the weather forecast, I'm going to need a scarf too. :dance:

Also a very lovely handcrafted card and matching card.


Thank you so much my secret Santa swappee!

And a happy wonderful Christmas to you all!

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Well, what a lovely gift I got, I really REALLY love it :D , what I think is great about these swaps is that I get things like this that I couldn't make myself. I am arty - I am an art teacher, I can draw, paint, sculpt etc, but I am rubbish at textiles, so to get something like this, so beautifully made is wonderful- THANK YOU!




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I've received a lovely hand-made card with a beautiful Christmas wreath, and a lovely diary covered with fabric with stars and a penguin on the front. Can't make my iPad link to Photobucket so pictures to follow, but I'm absolutely delighted - what clever Omleteers there are out there! Thank you, 'Elfie'.

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