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Sneezing chook on video?

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Yes this is a sneeze and possibly a respiratory infection probably why inside but without seeing the bird in the flesh hard to diagnose birds do sneeze from time to time some people panic straight away and reach for the tylan etc but I prefer to give them a good check over and just access them for a day or two on a herbal treatment then if I think they need something stronger I treat them I don't like pumping them full of antibiotics unless they need them. And now you can purchase antibiotics from abroad online I bet there are loads of people one sneeze and they are treating birds that may possibly not need it sorry bit of a long answer but it really irritates me on various pages not this one someone will put a video up of their chicken sneezing and some will say straight way it has myco,gapeworm or its about to kill over with a respiratory complaint get it on tylan leanne :)

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