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Lone Hen

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Following the sad death today of Polly one of my two hens, my remaining one Wilma is left on her own and I wonder whether anyone can help as I don't want to leave her alone any longer than can be helped.

Please could you contact me if you know of anywhere reasonably local (my postcode is DA13) where I could get hens quickly.

In the past I have always had chickens from BHWT but there is no next date listed for Kent at the moment.

Many thanks for your help.


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Ashamed to say my girls still alone and I have the dialema of what to do as shes egg eating. Couldnt get bumpa bit on (as suggested on here ) as shes got a wonky beak. Shes 4ish and this habit comes and goes - she has grit etc - I didnt think it was her I blamed my last hen. Now do I cull? or risk her teaching new girls bad habits? I would like to get newbies this week if poss. Bertie hope you get new girls soon.

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I have one hen who is nearly 3 never eaten her eggs but while moulting she has been laying softies and eating them! She has never eaten any of the other eggs though. I was worried as brought three new girls but they are laying lovely and not eating any eggs xx hope that helps

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