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Bargain Mini Torch

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I bought one of these torches back in the summer to take to Glastonbury, expecting it to be a bit rubbish but I was really impressed with it and got another one to hang by the back door for going out and doing the chickens.


Mini 300 Lumen Torch


The price has been reduced again to £1.84 with free delivery so may be an ideal stocking filler or something. They just take AA batteries.


It did take about 3 weeks to arrive but for that price, you can't complain! :D

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Sometimes you do need to pay tax, depending on the total value and how they declared it. The lens I bought on ebay from China was declared as gift. Which is one way to prevent paying taxes.

But in the past I have been confronted with paying around 30 euro tax on something only worth 50 euro... :roll:

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OH buys electrical components from around the world when he can't find them in this country and sometimes has to pay tax on them.


I hope I don't, having bought it from Amazon, I didn't see that it was from Hong Kong or I probably wouldn't have bought 6 of them. Perhaps it was in the small print but I had had a glass of wine or two :oops::lol:



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It's unlikely you will have to pay import duty and VAT on these torches, unless you've gone mad and ordered loads.

I can't remember the amount allowed, I think its something like £30 (or £50).


For background infomation:


When calculating whether - and how much - import duty you have to pay, the total cost of the goods (including postage) is counted. The amount of import duty varies depending on exactly what the item is, HMRC has huge look-up tables of types of goods to tell them what the percentage is. Some items don't have any import duty.


Once import duty has been calculated, VAT is then added. VAT is payable on the total amount, i.e. goods+postage+import duty. Yes, you pay VAT on the Duty as well.


If the total of all of this comes to less than £9, the whole thing is waived.


Finally, companies like Royal Mail slap on a collection fee.


That's why it's possible to pay £30 import duty on an item that only cost £50.

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Remember, my example came from the Netherlands. With us they just look at the value the sender has put on the package and calculate accordingly. Some item categories carry more tax than others.

It was kind of a bummer. Because of the tax I also needed to collect the package myself (at some ridiculously remote location). Won't order at that company again.

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Customs rules are complicated, but in a nutshell for items outside of EU:


You only pay Customs Duty on items over £135

You only pay VAT on gifts worth more than £36 or goods worth more than £15 (ie not gifts)

There's generally a fee from the courier on top of this (around £10)


VAT is charged on the entire price including any customs duty and the postage cost!


So basically if you order more than £15 worth of torches and they don't mark it as a gift you may end up paying VAT.

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