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Weird fish

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One of my goldfish jumped out of its tank onto the carpet earlier today. My son found it, barely alive. He put it in the tank it swam to the bottom, where it landed and stayed upside down. I suggested that it might have damaged its swim bladder. I then remembered when I bought some cold water fish a while ago, there was a fish swimming upside down. The shopkeeper said he would put it in some warm water. I quickly got the fish out and put it in my tropical fish tank. It swam straight away.


Now I've got the problem of returning it to its proper home :D

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put it in a plastic bag a freezer bag will do just over half full of water from the tank it's in at the moment tie the top of the bag with a bag tie but trap as much air as possible in the top half of the bag the float the bag in the cold water tank for about 30 minutes to bring the tropical water down to the cold water temp the let the fish back into it's rightful tank net it if possible in the bag to reduce the risk of cross contamination from one take to the other I'd put some white spot treatment in to if you have any ,as stress can bring on an out break

I'd keep an eye on it through as the swim bladder could be permanently damaged

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