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Nutri Bullet juicer? - update!

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My brother and his fiancé have one and they love it! They had one each as he was living here and she was in the US, but as he has moved states side now, our parents have his. My sister also has one. I have been tempted as he loves it so much and would do well on their sales team :wink: but yet to bite the, er, bullet. Has your son expressed an interest in one? I know he is into keeping fit with all the running her does, so it probably would be a good thing for him. It does pulse everything down to a fine juice, so no bits or just tiny bits. He buys seeds and powders to add to the juice to get extra vitamins and fibre.

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I got a Ready Steady Cook Rocket Blender for £11.99 from Argos at the start of the year which I used 3 times a day for 3 or 4 months to make up Cambridge diet shakes and it was great - it's still going strong and is used regularly :D


They're great for making up weight loss or protein shakes and crush ice really easily to make it like a slush or frappuccino; it's so quick and easy to use and even easier to wash up. The bases are so small that they can live out on the worktop and take up hardly any room compared with traditional jug blenders.

I have used them to make hot soups but as the air inside expands it's not ideal so you need to unscrew it very slowly!


I bought a Breville Blend-Active a few weeks ago to bring to Uni which is very similar, at the moment they are £18 on Amazon with two cups or the Hinari Genie Blender is often on offer at £20 in Asda.


I don't see how much different the Nutri Bullet can be, apart from paying for the brand name so personally would go with one of the other makes.

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I bought the Breville active blend a couple of weeks ago. Love it. So easy to use and clean. I make a fruit smoothie everyday. Either with milk or juice, sometimes adding oats or spinach.

Bought mine from Amazon. It came with two 600ml and two 300ml bottles and cost 30 pounds.

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Update on the Nutri Bullet ...


ES has used it every day since Christmas and seems to really like it :D . I printed off a load of recipes for juices/smoothies aimed at runners so he's been using them or at least getting ideas for combinations. You usually end up using whatever you have to hand, tbh.


It really is easy to clean. The blades are on a small base so it just needs a quick rinse under the tap and the jugs are as easy as a normal glass to clean (although leaving them to soak does help!).


So thumbs up here 8)

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