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Extreme Temperature Jacket for the Eglu Cube?

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I am relatively new to chicken keeping having only had my four adorable girls since June of this year. So far they have lived very happily and comfortably in their Eglu Cube and Walk in Run. I am now thinking about winter preparation.


I live in rural Shropshire where the overnight temperature can drop quite low - certainly into minus figures - so I am wondering whether I should purchase an extreme temperature jacket for my Eglu Cube to protect my girls. I have just one concern about the jacket : whether or not it allows sufficient ventilation. My reference books and a course I went on before starting to keep chickens all tell me that adequate ventilation is essential for the health of chickens and is probably more important than temperature. My girls seem to sleep in a 'chicken heap' on the roosting bars and they generate quite a lot of body heat and therefore moisture. Can anyone who has used the extreme temperature jacket on an Eglu Cube reassure me that it allows sufficient ventilation, please?


Many thanks.


Sue B.

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I haven't used one SueBevan, but though I'd add my concerns about ventilation. Condensation on plastic can be a breeding ground for black mould spores, which leads to some severe respiratory infections based on my experience. Something you need to be checking on in the colder weather anyway. A morning wipe over the upper inside surfaces will tell you if there is a problem. We used to switch from wood shavings to Aubiose bedding in Winter as it is very dry, but found it too dusty in Summer.


I doubt Shropshire will be too cold for them if they all huddle together and are not in a draught.

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I have a Snugglesafe to chuck in with The Weeds when it is forecast to gets really cold, less than about minus 5. I think I just worry too much though as I know of people with Eglu's that leave the pop hole open all year so the hens can come and go as they please.


I am told they should all be fine, I guess afterall we use bird down in coats and duvets to keep us warm.


Vaseline on their combs is an idea if we have a spell of very cold weather, it stops them from getting frostbite (though again, this is apparently nothing to worry about and any black frostbitten bits will shrivel up and fall off eventually).

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I leave the Eglu door open all year round (within a secure walk-in run) - I think I have closed it around three times in the last five years, because I thought snow might actually blow into the Eglu. This includes a couple of winters when it was so cold that the eggs froze before I could collect them. The hens were fine.


Some of my hens choose to sleep outside anyway. I have never used a Snugglesafe, heat pad or any other such thing - hens are wearing a double duvet and provided they have shelter from rain/snow and are not in a draught, they don't need much else. I think the extreme temperature jacket would only be needed if you were in an area (probably not in Britain) where it got exceptionally cold for long periods.

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