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I have a *very* clever husband, and 4 incredibly lucky little girls, even if they don't realise it yet.


They moved in Saturday, which they were not overly impressed about. Bedtime was interesting, lots of walking up and down their old run wondering where the coop had gone (the new run is right next door :roll: ), and some very indignant boking :lol:





I would be lying if I said the fact it is very roomy for 4 girls, and we now have a spare temporary run hadn't crossed my mind... GNRPP(white chicken)GNRPP(white chicken)PP(white chicken)GNR(Bluebelle)PP(Bluebelle)GNRPP(Bluebelle)GNRPP:D:D:D

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Very nicely built run Pottage, which should stay perfectly dry. Plenty of water can be collected for the garden as well. You would laugh at ours I think. The term 'organic' was used by my sister-in-law. We felled some trees and used the branches, so there isn't a straight bit anywhere.

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