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Brahmas in a cube?

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I have fallen in love with Brahmas….and thinking of taking on two boys who are unwanted youngsters.

I have a cube and a 12'x8' walk-in in run. At the mo I have five 3-5yr old hybrid girls.

I am aware of the issues with introducing new birds, and have considered the pros and cons of cockerels, but understand that these boys are currently a couple of softies. I would eventually like to acquire girl brahmas, once the current ladies have passed on.


My biggest concern before I commit is whether or not they will fit through the door into the cube!


Anyone have experience of keeping brahmas in a cube (or not!) and can advise me?

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Yes, measure the pophole. I've had LF orp and sussex cockerals in a cube before now (not at the same time :lol: ) but brahmas are taller and I don't know if they would fit. The other thing is, how old are they as 2 boys are likely to fight, in the Spring when its mating season if not now. You might be lucky, and if they are already mature (like 18 months or older) than you might get away with it, but as 5 girls are barely enough to share between 2 boys (in fact, truly speaking you should have more girls), then I strongly suspect it will end in tears - either the boys will fight or the girls will become worn out with the attentions. Although I tend to keep quads or even quins (ie one cockeral to 3 or 4 hens), many people keep trios and even pairs, so just 1 or 2 girls to a cockeral. However a) they would be kept separately as a pair or trio and b)you can pen the boys separately when its not the breeding season, to give the girls a rest. All this is a long winded way of saying, if you can fit a brahma boy in, fair enough (although do consider your neighbours, large cockerals tend to have loud crows). But I would just give a home to one of them, not both.

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