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Chicken shack

Eglu gift arrived today. Karma!

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I was asking what I could use as a house for GNRGNRGNR ex commercial hens and couldn't afford an eglu. I even contemplated putting a chicube on my credit card. :roll: I got lots of advice from you lovely omleteers and private messages offering advice. :wink: one lovely omleteer offered me an eglu for free however it was way to far away to collect. :roll: But hey ho she put it on a courier and sent it to me. How kind is that :?::dance: I paid for the courier of course. She even put in a few extra bits. :D I'm a firm beleaver in Karma and try and be as good a person as I can be and support a charity that rescues street dogs in Romania. Recently I sold a lot of art materials for this charity and also gave them my winnings on a bonus ball game they run. They had a very sick dog and this was the only way I could give money to help. Now karma has helped my recue hens. :D I am so grateful I could cry. :boohoo::D:D:D I can't add images as I've forgotten how to do it but if you click on the flikr link in my signature I've managed to add some there at least! :roll::D

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