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Can i see your Christmas Trees please?

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I've had to buy all the decorations the last few years, since I moved out of my moms home. She has ancient handblown hand painted ornaments, really nice. I bought every single thing on sale after the holidays are over. So adding bit by bit, every year.

Only have red and white ornaments.

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They all look absolutley gorgeous :clap: I do love the bottle one too.....I'll have to start saving the empties for next year - should be there by June :roll::oops::lol:


I have no idea how to add photos so, if anyone can give me a few pointers, I'll try and get a pic of ours later today.....thats our task for this afternoon - tree dec ing!

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Thanks people. I love seeing other trees.

Soapdragon, I've downloaded photoresizer and photobucket onto my phone. Then I can resize my picture to medium setting and share it with photobucket. Then I go to share on photobucket and click on share img. Then in theory you can paste the image on your post.

Sometimes it works!

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Here's mine



The Christmas pud and the Panettone are there to remind me I need to take them to where I'll be on Christmas Day!

My Omlet crafty swap is nestling there too. :D


I have a complete mixture of decorations, some old and some new. The fairy deserves a special mention. She's older than I am :lol: - she used to grace our family tree at home, and was reclothed by my mum some time in the 1960s. I love getting the decorations out every year, they bring back so many memories.



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Here is my tree. Funny how mostly the blue lights show up. I have a lot of bells on my tree and lots of things that I have collected for a long time. My Mum bought me my angel 23 years ago.



This is one of my favourite decorations. I can't wait to get him out every year.


And of course Lindt chocs tied on to the tree :D

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My penfriend sent this one as he knows I have trouble with my other half every year about decorations. I went and bought some bows from Hobbycraft to stick on. Then OH helped me get all the decs down whoohoo. So here we have the normal one only the fairy/angel has fallen down so I stuck the wonky star on. Can't reach so it's staying wonky!





Hmmm, I may have got my check ribbons in the wrong place. Oh well too late now!

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