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Sad day but hope for others

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Louise pts today. She'd stopped laying last February and started developing sterile peritonis. Whereas Thelma went down hill very quickly with this Louise has coped brilliantly until the last week. She must have had a good pound of goo inside her but she remained chirpy top chook until the end.


RIP next to your sister. Cocktails on the lawn will not be the same without you, daddy's girl.

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Thank you both. In many ways it's been easier today because we've had the time to organize a friend who could dispatch her and dig her little grave. All of this would have been more stressful when we were back full time at work. I've also been able to spend time observing her in daylight so knew the time had come.

In a way it is a relief as we knew she was on borrowed time.

Sleep tight,gorgeous girl.

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So sorry to read this. Can I ask a question? I had a poorly sussex yesterday and bathed her, pulled what looked like rolled up dried leaves out of her vent (which I now know was old dried thin egg shell) is that peritonitis? Today she seems ok but know to well how a chicken 'hides' an illness. I'm guessing about two years old so any advice would be welcome from someone who knows what it's like?


Again, I'm so sorry about your wee girl.

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My understanding of sterile peritonitis is that an egg starts to form but it doesn't move the right way down the oviduct so instead of it getting a white and shell it lodges somewhere inside the bird. A lump of goo starts to build up. In Thelma' s case this impacted on her lungs and she went down hill very quickly. The vet could feel the mass but I wouldn't have known otherwise.

In Lou's case she stopped laying last February and had been getting noticeably fat since May! Until about a month ago she was in fine fettle, moulting but really healthy in every other respect. Glad I didn't take her to the vet as he may have suggested putting her down months too early.


Dying of "Ladies Problems" is the down side of the breeding for maximum productivity. :(

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