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Sleet and strong winds on the journey down to the Borders but thankfully the weather cleared up and it wasn't even raining when the race started 8) .


I have never seen so much mud :lol: . YS had his shoe sucked off as did numerous others. There were 4 rivers to wade through (ankle deep) which was great for washing the mud off. Until we got to the other side where there was more mud :roll: .


I even managed a sprint at the end to prevent someone I'd just overtaken, overtaking me :dance: .

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Congrats ANH.

I've been very bad at blogging but have really upped my exercise. I work for 90 minutes several times a week now and even on my days off I squeeze in30 minutes. I've started all sorts of resistance training and have found muscles I didn't know I had.

I love feeling all my new muscles. I've got a long way to go but I love Janothon for getting this year going.

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