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Egg cuticle

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Does anyone know much about the cuticle, the liquid they coat their eggs with they are just laid?


I managed to get Steve's bum fresh this morning, and noticed that rather than being clear the cuticle had a brown tinge, almost bloody, kind of like what the end of a period looks like (sorry for the tmi!). It dried as quick as the clear one does, and I've had a look at her vent and it looks healthy and she is fine in herself I just wondered if anyone else had seen this and if it's "normal".

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Our Marans stain the bedding slightly brown Pottage, others it is completely clear. In the Marans case it must have something to do with the egg colour. It is only a lubricant which then doubles as a sealer coat, to keep the moisture in during incubation. Isn't nature clever!


I shouldn't worry unless it gets worse. It could just be 'one off' minor bleeding and may not be evident next egg?

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I've looked at her egg from today and that has spots of dried blood all over the top of it. It's definitely blood because I can scratch it off with my finger nail :-( Has anyone seen this with their hens, and know what could be causing it? I've had a look back through her eggs and they have some speckling but nothing like this. She laid a weird one on December 16th that had what looked like a repaired crack in it, or a very deep scratch (bottom pic). Not sure if it's related? She's a two year old ex barn girl and usually lays every day, though the last couple of days she's been every other day which I expect is just due to winter.







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