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It's all too awful. I resent such attacks on our freedom of speech in Europe. We have a long history of political and satirical cartoons which I value.

Lots of artists have been murdered for expressing their opinions and that is so wrong. I am often angry about people's depiction of things I value but I stop at feeling angry.

Obviously very upset about the deaths of police officers and I want to post this picture as a tribute


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Freedom of speech is at the cornerstone of our society. Sometimes a little tact needs to be applied but the basic tenet is absolutley one of the principals of a 'free' society.


This attack seems to me to be so scary because it challenges that freedom. IMHO the French have been very forthright about standing up to 'terror' with their ban on the buqua (however you spell it! :oops: ) and other legislation/rulings but society as a whole simply CANNOT allow one element to dictate to the remainder of the world.


It would seem, from the media, that one of the policemen executed was also a Muslim; I wonder how that sits with the perpetrators.


I found it amazing that so many people in France got together to protest, peacefully, about this in such a dignified way.


Also feeling very sad for families of the murdered; I hope that they can take comfort from the international support shown.

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It's is utterly shocking that this happened in Central Paris and they seem to have just got away! I really feel for the families of those murdered and I can't imagine how they must be feeling. Freedom of speech is vital and no one should feel they are entitled to take that away.

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