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Help with foiling an escapee, plse?

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One of our girlies has just succeeded in making her way into the garden next door, needless to say the 'wrong' neighbours to visit :(


As they have a dog I am concerned that this should not happen again.

Luckily they were out, the dog wasn't there and the side gate wasn't locked so we went and retrieved her.

I have popped an apologetic postcard in their letter-box, in case we were seen :lol:


She likes to jump up onto some low-ish fencing that screens our bins, so we're guessing she got up there and then onto the high perimeter fence and over into enemy territory.


Does anyone know if those strips of plastic spikes they use to stop pigeons would keep her off the fence?

The side boundary is 'theirs' and I don't think they'd like it on their fence, but we could put it on the lower level that is ours.


Any other suggestions?


We do have a pen of Omlet netting but I really don't want to put a total end to FR-ing in our garden as it's much of the fun for us and for them to have them out and about.


Bad, bad Rosie-chook!

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in theory the spikes should work, but they only work on pigeons because the spikes are longer than their legs and pigeons aren't as clever as chickens well hens and pullets. I've had a couple get up onto a 6 foot high fence but luckily they got scared by the adventure and haven't tried since

with the spikes the spacing of the spikes might be to far apart to stop chickens as they might be able to get their feet in the gaps certainly with the stainless steel ones that might be the case which are the ones I'm more familiar with as I've use one as a template for home made ones in the past using 4inch nails and 2x1 timber

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I have a section of fence that is lower than the rest, me and the OH brought some green netting (the rigid stuff with small holes in it) about 50cm high and stapled that to the top of the fence with pieces of dowling at the ends to stop it falling over. The result was a discreet, cheap and effective way to raise the height of the fence.

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Similar to jellybean only I used black bird netting which you can only see if you walk closer to it, very u"Ooops, word censored!"trusive? Stapled it to fence posts at 7-8ft height and chooks can't get into my bit of garden or the dogs out...will try and get a pic in daylight to give you an idea?

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