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Don't have geese myself but have looked after them on placements etc.

There are dozens of types of geese so I'd have a read and decide on what you'd like to go for - they vary massively in size and requirements.


I know a friend has a really tame goose that is like a dog, goes to the local pub with them but I've never met a really happy goose myself :lol:


Another thing to think about is I've always been told that a couple of geese need as much grass as a sheep, which is quite a lot of grazing especially in winter.

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We have 3 emden geese in with our pygmy goats. We got them as goslings and are very tame and are easily herded around. Given the chance they will come an nibble at your clothes, which I read is a sign of affection. They do need plenty of grass and can be noisy if they are disturbed or see strangers. They are lovely though and a goose egg is a thing to behold!

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