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Working your way up in a supermarket?

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Another supermarket employment related thread!


ES has an honours degree in computing and has been working part-time as an online shopper in Sainsbury's since he graduated last summer. He can't decide what he wants to do and isn't sure if an IT desk job is right for him. He's happy at Sainsbury's and has had great feedback at his reviews. He was asked if he would consider a career there and said yes (he thinks everyone gets asked this question).


Anyone got experience of progressing from the shop floor? How proactive do you have to be? Do management actively encourage people to move up the ladder?


This is just to satisfy my curiosity, I'm trying to leave him in peace to make his own decisions :silenced: .

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I know that the supermarket I work at does actively encourage people to progress.

My youngest works at Sainsburys too, & she is being trained on new sections all the time.


If I were your son I would decide what I wanted to do ultimately, then work in the most closely related department to that. Do they actively cross train their staff?


We tend to encourage people to work in all the different sections for a year or so, to give a solid grounding & understanding of how a large shop really works. I know some people who were just shop floor staff like myself, & they are now, 4 years later, assistant section managers.

There is head office too of course, as well as warehouses,advertising,stock control.....all worth thinking about.

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Thanks, Cinnamon. There doesn't seem to be any sign of them moving him to another section and because he's comfortable where he is, he's not asking :roll: .


He's having to work a lot of overtime because he's just moved out into a flat and needs the money so hopefully he'll get bored doing the one job and try out another section :wink: .


It's not the career path I expected him to take but he could certainly do a lot worse so I'll just have to wait for him to make his choices. I'm just worried that if he says nothing, they'll leave him where he is.


He got a round of applause from his manager and colleagues for the number of items he'd picked in a shift the other day so he must be doing something right :lol: .

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Hi, I must say that when I was preparing for my Waitrose interview I was amazed at the variety of careers in which are potentially available for young people starting out. What about biscuit buyer? Forecaster? Some posts could take you round the world! Laughed at your ES getting round of applause! He sounds like he is very comfortable where he is and any experience is good for his cv. Best wishes to him! Ax

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