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Rabbits and Chickens???

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As some of you may have seen from my rabbiting (sorry) on on the Eglu forum, I have two bunnies - Bella who is (black white rabbit) and Rosie who's is light (ginger rabbit)


I'm hoping to get chickens in the next couple of months or so - this has been my plan for a long time and I want to do it right for the benefit of all concerned (the chickens, rabbits and my kitties as well). My question is can rabbits and chickens free range together when fully supervised (i.e. I'm out in the garden with them) or will I need to let them out separately (or get chicken fencing)? I've read some conflicting stuff - some saying they are generally fine together, some saying the chickens will peck the rabbits ......and some saying the rabbits will attack the chickens!


I don't have a massive garden but there is a fair bit of space and I have lots of interesting "areas" like a greenhouse, shed, side patio, compost area plus some mature plants and trees so there will be quite a bit to keep all interested I hope. And yes, I know my lawn will soon be no more! They will be in (separate) Eglus /WIRs when I'm at work and at night.


Any advice? Anyone tried it successfully or unsuccessfully?

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That's a lovely picture - thank you for the reply :)


My chicken dream is a step closer as I have managed to get a totally bargainous secondhand chicken eglu classic with run and extra fencing kit from a certain auction site (£150 for the lot). My poor kitties have just got used to having bunnies around (the buns are definitely boss!) so chickens should be interesting!

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Ha! No it's green perhaps I need a new name (green eglu)


I'm really impressed with the set up so far - the buns haven't been in it with the WIR attached yet as I'm still adding wooden decking around the edges and adding some finishing touches but it seems to staying dry inside despite some heavy rain. And it looks fantastic in the garden :)

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