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Japanese Knotweed

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After thinking it was going well I had a call from HSBC today withdrawing their mortgage offer because they don't lend on properties where knotweed is present. :evil: They've been aware of it for about a month now so why have they only now made this decision!!!???


SO frustrated with the whole process.


But, for many reasons we've decided we do want to make absolutely every effort to get this house, so we're going to see a broker tomorrow to see if anyone will lend. Last chance saloon :pray:

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:lol: Chickencam

Ex Barclays here. When I decided to leave after maternity leave and move down here I asked for a mortgage and my own ex-colleague kept trying to make me have one of those interest only ones - when I specifically asked for a repayment. In the end the appointment to see the manager to finalise it was 2 weeks distant. OH made an appointment with the Nationwide and was seen and we had a mortgage lickety spit. We would have lost this house if we waited for the bank!!! Dread to think how other customers were treated. And that was 23 years ago. Oooh 23 years ago yesterday when we moved here!

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