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Pekins in eglu classic and run.

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Very quick question for all the pekin keepers here. I have been offered some beautiful partridge pekins and maybe a mottled too. However I thought that perhaps some of my oldies ( they are all nearly 6 yrs old) might not still be around :oops: but of course they are. So my question is this, would they mind being confined to an eglu classic + 2 metre run. I might have an extra metre too. They could have a 2m x 2m WIR to themselves but its very shady in that part of the garden, so not sure that they would like that. Wouldn't be keen on integrating them with the others for foreseeable future. Any thoughts? Axx

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Hi Sparkysmum, we currently have 3 young pekins in an eglu classic + 3m run - they seem quite happy with this arrangement. The longer term plan for them though is to integrate them with the main flock once they're all laying. The main flock currently has 2 pekins, 1 hybrid (top hen), a cochin, an orp and a maran - and the pekins in there can more than hold their own - they appear to have no idea just how small they are in comparison with the 'big' girls.


Enjoy your pekins - they're addictive - brilliant characters, and ours have been good layers.

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Hi sparkysmum, I have 2 pekins and 2 Wyandotte bantams and when we're at work and for worming week they're confined to an Eglu Go with 3m run. The pekins get a bit bullied but space wise they're fine.


Although they'd probably be ok in the 2m run I'd be much happier with 3 - that extra metre almost doubles the space they have (may just be in the Go run).

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