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Hello all, it's been a while!

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Hello fellow omleteers :D


I haven't been on here for a little while......have peeked occasionally though :wink:


Life has been tough for me lots of difficult life stuff going on! You name it I've been dealing with it, family issues, health, financial & work woes too :( At a very low point I nearly re-homed my shrinking pekin gang last summer :cry: Well, I didn't though sadly I lost Tilly (shell less egg layer) and a couple of months back Molly my last original.


So the good news.....hubby says I can hatch again :D So now the questions!!!! Hope for any and all advice :dance:


Have 2 "Monty" baby girls - Polly and Penny. Polly is my bully/feather puller :evil: Penny sweet thing has been bottom girl and after a heavy moult just being treated for sour crop :( Hope she pulls through :pray: In my kitchen as I type!!! Martha lovely hen, bought hatching egg. They will all be 3 over the next few months. Definitely want to use Martha's eggs to hatch :D Oh yes have a plan for any boys.


1. Can I hatch from Penny if she pulls through and starts to lay again?


2. Should I NOT hatch from Polly?? Will her babies be bullies??


3. Would it be a good idea to use Polly as broody to give the others a break from her? (She is also in tip top condition :) )


4. Any tips for using a classic with run as a broody coop/chick home?


5. Can't get the "small bird set" from omlet :( any ideas for how to make the run safe for bantam chicks?


6. Should I get some bantam Araucana eggs to hatch? (bit of a dream for a while)


Thank you!

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Not sure I can help with everything. Don't think bullying is genetic and I'm sure once the sour crop is sorted your girlie will be fine.


I used a Go with 3m run last year for hen and chicks. I took the roosting bars out and put a big thick layer of bedding inside. I covered the whole of the run with plastic coated chicken wire making sure there were no little gaps for the chicks to get stuck in between run and mesh. When the chicks were new born I blocked off the pop hole so they couldn't escape but the sun could still come in.


Arauncana bantams sound lovely :D


Good luck :)

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Thank you both :D


Arauncana bantams sound lovely :D
Yes I've found somebody who has hatching eggs for sale in the cuckoo variety :dance:


I was thinking about a ramp for little legs :wink:


Just another quick thought....do the chicks find it easy to get in & out of the nest?

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I can only add that I have an amazing lavender araucana, olive, who came into lay around sixteen months ago. She lays the most beautiful pale green eggs and is a prolific layer. Throughout that time she has consistently laid, whatever the weather, and has seldom skipped a day!

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I've hatched loads in a classic - all bantams. Took the roosting bars out, gave it a thorough clean, spray and powder, layered with Aubiose. Make sure to pop down some non-slip stuff (I use that rubberised webbing you can get from pound shops) as soon as the chicks hatch; this will help them to potter about for the first few days, and avoids splayed legs.

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