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We have chickens!

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We are now the proud carers of 4 chickens who are, as we speak, strutting their stuff in their custom made WIR. We had limited choice but we're happy with what we got, being as they're our first. We chose 2 gingernuts, a black tail and a lovely columbine. My DH wants another columbine as a friend for the one we got, as she's clearly bottom of the pecking order but I think the lady we bought them from only had the one. I will call her tomorrow to see if she has another.


She told me the birds were fed on layers mash as she doesn't feed pellets but since I'd already bought layers pellets I just did what others on the forum have said they do, and added pellets to hot water, and a bit of bokashi bran to make a warm mash. I've also filled their grubs with pellets which they were eating but I made the mash to be sure they'd had a good feed.


As for the dogs meeting the chickens, three of them were very calm if a little intrigued, and then they mostly ignored each other. Lily, our oldest however was quite keen to get in there to them but now she knows she can't, I think everything will settle down in a couple of days. All in all I'm very happy and will post some pictures as soon as I can get some.


Oh yes, and I can add a signature now I have some hens! :dance:



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