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Positive Omlet vibes again, please! Good news!!

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I have a job interview next Monday (9th) and would very much appreciate some positive Omlet vibes, as I would really like to get the job :pray:


It's a similar job to the one I'm doing now and on the same pay, but it is a permanent post, not just a temporary contract, and with a Council that is nearer home so less travelling. I love what I'm doing now and would really have liked my current employer to keep me, but would be very happy to do the same job nearer home. I know some people thrive on locum posts and going to new places all the time, but I would like to feel I belong again (and have the security of a monthly pay packet).


I've not told my dad about it, as I don't want him getting all excited on my behalf if it may come to nothing, but I have whispered to the animals and asked them to keep claws and paws crossed :D

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Thanks for the positive vibes everyone. It does make a difference knowing you've got people rooting for you :D


I came out feeling positive, but now I feel I may have come across as trying too hard and being a bit desperate. It's really hard to know. My presentation seemed to be hitting some of the right notes but it's difficult to say about the rest of it.


They said they were interviewing quite a few candidates (and they had a longish list in front of them) and it may the end of the week before we heard anything. Waiting patiently is really not one of my key strengths :lol:

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Oh I do wish you all the luck in the world.


I'm interviewing at the moment and I know how horrific it is when you badly want the job. I interviewed someone a year or so ago for a reception job and she didn't smile once during the whole interview! Another turned up in jeans with her hair s"Ooops, word censored!"ped back wearing flip flips holding a bottle of water.


After the interview they asked for feedback and I gave them honest replies. I hope it was constructive for them but I did feel bad for them.


Trust your first instinct, if you think it went well then I'm sure it did


For a part time reception job we had over 200 applications

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Still heard nothing and the interview was a week ago, so I don't think the job's coming my way :(


May be an opportunity for permanent work where I am :pray:. It's only part time and on a lower grade than I'm on currently but, running the figures though a gross-to-net income website, it would definitely keep the wolf from the door for now. As it would only be 2 1/2 days a week, I could either look for something else to do as well or enjoy being a (not very well off) lady of leisure :D .

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