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Lice treatment

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As I am coming up to my first summer with the Pobs, I want to ask about lice.


As many of you know I creosoted the inside of the coop last September before the Pobs arrived in November. I plan to re creosote at the beginning of April when we can borrow a friends extra large plastic dog crate as a temporary coop and also sort out the run floor and replace/top up the sand.


Does creosote deter lice?


If not, what should I use?


Plus any advice on how to dust them?


Many thanks.

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Creosote doesn't deter lice PixieDust, only red mite. Word of caution. It can take over two weeks for creosote to dry enough to put the hens back in and even longer in poor weather. It needs to be fume free, rather than touch dry. We dilute creosote with paraffin half and half. It dries more quickly and soaks in better, but is just as effective in our experience in deterring red mite. You only need to apply creosote after 6 months when treating new wood, after that once a year is sufficient.


To deter lice you can use Barrier Louse Powder and as a further deterrent add a little potash (wood fire ash) to their soil bath. The tub says BLP is effective for up to 6 weeks. We take a different approach, because lice are so easy to treat we don't use the powder until we have a confirmed case. Just watch the frequency of soil bathing. Every day and there may be a problem.


We just put powder under the wings and below the vent and let them distribute it. Seems to work.

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As you know my coop was new last year. Last time I left the coop about 6 weeks before installing the Pobs. In warmer weather I would hope 3 weeks will be sufficient. We have the temporary coops for as long as required. Thankfully I have had no taint to the eggs. You are absolutely right, touch dry just isn't enough.


The girls are not bathing really. They have a sand and DE bath but all they do is dig around in it looking for food.


Ok Barrier Lice Powder it is. Thank you Beantree.

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Do bear in mind that all the spot-ons are not licensed for use on poultry in the UK, and you should indicate this in your posts to avoid being stamped on by the vet med authorities :wink:


Having said this, all mine are treated quarterly with Ivomec Eprinex* on the suggestion of my farm vet. The housing is sprayed with Total Mite Kill (pink trigger spray) after cleaning, and then dusted with Buz Busters. That keeps them lice and mite free all year round.


* not licensed for use on poultry in the UK

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