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chicken breeds for hatching

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Hi, I am going to be hatching some eggs when my next hen goes broody. I am still wondering what kind of breed to hatch. I have 2 silkies 1 gold top and 1 polish.

my wife doesn't want anything that looks like a chicken :-/ hence the silkies and polish frizzle. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for something of the same size, I quite like the belgian bantams.

I also need to be able to source fertalized eggs

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Bizarre coincidence. I've literally just come back from our local show where I fell a small white bird. She turned out to be a white burmese bantam. Luckily she is bred by somebody I know, so I think this might be the breed for me next time as well 8) She reminded me of a cross between a poland and a small araucana, but with foot feathering like a sultan.


I didn't realise they still existed, they were mega rare just a few years ago, in fact, it was not clear if they still existed at all.

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