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It's all going rather well I think. The four new girls seem to be in good health on the whole although one of them seems to have a bit of a limp. This is the one I have called Elsie as she's the most recognisable one, having very dark feathers on her neck. She's top hen of the four and has pecked the comb of bottom hen so I'll need to put on some purple spray later.


As I've had the day off work and the weather hasn't been too bad, we have made some progress with intros :D My two big girls really didn't seem to be that bothered about the new girls, so first of all I let the new girls out in the garden for an explore. After a couple of hours I let the big girls out. That worked well, so over the course of the day they have ended up all together in the fenced off free range area together. They had the distraction of me being in with them for a while making them a new worm digging area; its a vegetable planter all of their very own (they love mine so I'm hoping they might leave that alone now :lol: ).


Apart from the odd squabble, it's been very peaceful. Not sure whether to risk leaving the new girls in with them tonight, or to put them back in to their eglu. I wondered if the big girls would keep Elsie from picking on the others, or if it's too soon and I'll wake up to a blood bath in the morning :anxious:


The new girls are a little nervous, but seem to like a bit of a cuddle and a chat :D And I've had two eggs so far; Elsie laid one in the hedge :lol: . The other one was in the eglu this morning :D

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Well, they have been all together in the coop since about 5 o'clock, when it started to rain, and they have all been just fine. I was watching TV and fell asleep on the sofa. I woke up about 30 minutes ago and realising what the time was, rushed outside with the torch to see what was going on as it was dark.........


All quiet; Bessie and Betsy gone to bed. Two new girls also gone to bed! Two new girls sleeping in the run. I've popped the other two into the coop with the others for now.


What to do? I'm tempted to leave them there for the night. I've had two replies and one says they wouldn't and one says they would :think:

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Yup, I'd say leave them too. You can check over the coming days and separate if need be? If the intros go well, then it may continue in that vein? I took home 3 buff orps and a wyandotte bantam last Saturday and tonight, 2 buff orps bagged a nest box with the big girls in one coop, one buff went to another and wee banty was snuggled between two sussex so I leave it to them. Obviously ex batts need a little more care incase of bullying/pecking etc...but it's a watch and see? Maybe, maybe not. Chooks are funny and what looks harmonious one day, might not be tomorrow. They are lovely to watch blossom :)

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