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Cat tails

Meet Phosphorus and Tin!

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So far Tin has figured out the tube, but haven't been home enough to know for sure that Phosphorus has seen the light too...


The little bowl that I wanted to use as a sand bath is far too small I know realise... Within seconds they chucked out half of it's contents... Think I will use that bowl for food (slightly bigger than the little food dish that came with the Qute) and for now use a glass bowl for the sand bath.


Tin turns out to be the hyper of the two and is busy with redecorating the whole Qute so far. Phosphorus is more of a napper and wil just hide out in their little house.

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iPoes is a bit of a dopey cat, but such a sweet cat. Not the most active or smart, so it is mostly looking. But I did put the cage in my bedroom during the day and will close the living room door tonight too. Don't want to stress them out too much.


Phosphorus still hasn't the foggiest about the tube and will get incredibly anxious when I put him in the top floor. For now have put some food and a tiny bowl of water down stairs to give him some food and water during the day. But he needs to start using the tube before they move to school.

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A day further and Phosphorus is still denying the existence of the tube... :wall::wall:


Have tried the following so far:

- lowering him down through the tube

- keeping him 'upstairs' for a night

- locking him in the tube from the bottom (stuck the bottom in a little bowl, but he just tried to dig his way out for 5 min and I didn't want to stress him out too much)

- making him walk through the tunnel when I took it out and increasing the incline little by little


But so far to no avail... He's been upstairs for the past hour and showing absolute no interest in the tube. :wall::wall:

His brother has been redecorating downstairs.


He needs to start using it! I'm leaving next Wednesday on a trip and I can't really rely on anyone taking his 'disabbility' in account. And they'll be on their own for the weekend... Silly little gerbil.

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Lovely pictures :D

Couldn't you dangle a tasty treat down the tube on a piece of string so that as you pull it up he would follow ?


Unfortunately they aren't that treat motivated (well actually is a good thing, so they will eat their own food, rather than treats).

Have tried bits of broccoli and cauliflower, which they did eat, but weren't overly impressed by.


I might have to break all my responsible animal owning rules and go for a tiny bit of chocolate... :shh::?

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Not impressed by either peanut butter or chocolate... (very healthy gerbils!)


But got the tube out again, and made phosphorus run through it a couple of times. In the end locking him whilst keeping the tube vertical and finally, he managed to scramble up! :dance:

Stuck the tube back in and locked him in again (lid of peanut butter jar was very useful) and he managed to make his way to the upper level! Now just fingers crossed and hope he will remember how to do it on his own! :pray:

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Phosphorus kept up the suspense.... But finally! Completely on his silly own, he got through the tube this morning! :dance::dance:


He cut it close too. They are off to school this morning and will have less supervision there. (Or well, probably more, but not the useful kind :roll::lol: )

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After a few weeks, they are really settled in their Qute and have a nice little routine.


They wake up at the beginning of my first lesson. Have a little stretch and go up to munch on some food. Then entertain themselves with a cardboard toilet roll or egg box. Have another munch and go back to snooze some more.

Halfway during the day, they do some home redecorating and shifting all their woodshavings and hay around.


One kid even bought gerbil popcorn for them! So nice!

Here some recent photo's of my little guys:









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They were absolutely mesmerised by my camera...! The little sounds it makes when focussing were something to watch very carefully and almost hold your breath!

First two seconds they decided this must be some great threat and were actually stamping their little feet in alarm. Poor guys!


They are really cheeky and friendly too. Tin does nibble on your fingers a bit (well sometimes it's more like a bite). Phosphorus is a bit more anxious, but will come to investigate. He also has a huge fascination for cardboard.

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