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Its spring girls!!!

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My lovely girls enjoying the sun




Fauna posing....do you remember what she looked like in October??



My precious girl on her first day home




And Barbara trying to break through my shutters!!!




They look like they are waiting for a bus!!



So sorry...i have tried to resize but cant seem to make them smaller!! :doh:

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Also relieved to see Hen Solo's sisters looking tubby, just like she is - I was beginning to wonder if she was ill but I think she's just fat :lol: She looks red faced and busy and I'm sure she's still laying, can't say she's bushy tailed as she moulted those (and the last of the purple feathers!) but they haven't grown back so she looks rather out of balance :roll:

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Thanks redsunset for your kind comments, for the first week of coming to me she was depressed and sad and then developed sour crop, having lost her sister merryweather within 48 hours of bringing her home I really thought I was going to lose her but she has just transformed in to a hen that is literally full on from the minute she gets up! she pecks at the cube pop hole when she hears me in the morning and if I go out before she is fully asleep she will pop straight out again to see what's going on !!

she paces up and down the enclosure when she knows I'm about too


Im so proud if all my lovely girls, old girls and new ones

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:) Nothing like a nice spring day and to be out pottering with the girls. I was like one of those cartoon characters (who's eyes pop out) zeroing in on your lovely grass!!! I know they have free range days and you don't have a small army of destroyers like me but I'm allowed a little jealousy! :lol:
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