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Kew on an plate

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Anyone else watching this and being charmed by M.Raymond? I'm captivated. His goosegog tart looked divine (but apparently could have done with more gooseberries!) I loved his intro to the veggie chilli! "Ooo could 'ave imagined sat zis guy from Bordeaux a confirmed carnivore would devote imself to vegetab les"...... Great stuff......

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I'm watching it now. I like it, especially the food history bits and the beautiful gardens, but Ms H also drives me nuts, she makes me feel as though I am about 12 and watching an improving programme for schools :shock: I'm also not keen on the item about training bumblebees to pollinate strawberries, I can see this technology being used to make money in massive food production facilities and it feels all wrong to me. However, RB's strawberry dessert looks to die for 8)

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Watched the latest one and they were talking about the apple harvest, mushrumps, blackberries etc.....Autumn!!!! Seemes very strange as my tulips have yet to flower :shock:


Mind you, I was enourmously cheered to see the lovely Peter Ginn (looking very smart, if a little odd in 21st cent clothing!! :lol: ) making real cider with aforesaid apples.


We are 10 mins down the road from Le Manoir (and have even been lucky enough to eat there on three occasions - we were not paying :oops: ) and their garden is fabulous. Last time I went I got a severe case of broad bean envy.


Raymond has opened several local fetes and is always charming....once he joked, in his opening speech, that being French in the Oxfordshire countryside is like 'being zee onnnly gay in zee village' ; stunned silence :shock: I don't think may of those present watched Little Britain. One rather grand, blue rinsed dame was heard to remark that she had NO idea he was gay!

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:lol: Made me laugh out loud - I can just imagine it!


I missed it last night :( Will catch up soon, to see how he did the cider - we make our own; I can't say its good but it is drinkable and each year we get a bit better. We used to live in various villages around Oxford for 4 years, but we felt we were too poor to go to Le Manoir, as OH was a mature student, ridiculous really as we would have both enjoyed it, a real experience. A foodie friend of mine went (about 15 years ago now) and raved about it. Now we could afford to go, I find I'm less keen as I'm a bit more rustic in my tastes than I used to be but I'd love to go for afternoon tea and a wander around the gardens. There is something really pleasing about a good kitchen garden, in fact if I was miraculously rich I'd love a walled garden in which to grow roses (and trap the scent), vegetables and fruit (up the walls, can you imagine harvesting your own apricots and peaches :D ). With a gardener to assist with the heavy work :D

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OH and a friend made cider a few years back. In the abscence of a fruit press they used a garden shredder :shock: .


The flavour was fantastic but, one pint would have felled a very large elephant and two would have had a woolly mammoth under the table (if tables had been around then!)


Afternoon tea at Le Manoir is lovely, esp in the summer - do go if you can!


The Boys are at school in Little Milton and the year 4 class have a cookery day at Le Manoir in the children's cookery school each year......M Blanc is very supportive of any local 'causes, bless him'!


I arrived to pick ES up last year in my ancient and mud splattered Skoda. The only parking space available anywhere near the entrance was between a gleaming Jaguar and something very sporty and expensive with a personalised number plate - Masertai? - as I was edging backwards very slowly I was chanting the parking mantra....don't hit anything, don't hit anything......and, lo, it worked!!!


Arriving in a a wreck I was treated with utmost courtesy and politeness - Vive M Blanc!!!!

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