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Lost Fiona - My hopalong ex batt

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I lost Fiona my little hopalong ex-batt on Sunday. I got my 6 ex-batts last November and poor Fiona wasn't even able to stand back then she just fell over to the side every time she moved. Apparently it was an old injury that had been left untreated. But with lots of TLC she flourished - her leg never came right and she always hopped but her feathers grew back and when there was treats on offer she could really move! I noticed on Saturday she was just sitting in one spot even when I left everyone out to free range in the garden. DH had to put her to bed Saturday night as she wasn't follwoing the rest of the girls in. Sunday morning she was no better and was just sitting on the ground. As it was a cold, windy day I brought her inside and tucked her up with a blanket and hot water bottle and planned to bring her to the vet the next day. I was out for a few hours and in that short time she passed away. I was just so upset as she was the one little girl who really endeared herself to me as I felt she had really had such a horrid start in life. It's the 4th chicken I have lost in the past 6 months and it gets no easier. :(

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What a wonderful life she had for those months! Never easy but I so applaud those who take those little ex bats and give them a normal life for however long they live. It must be so satisfying. Remember without you, no freedom. So sorry you lost her, but be proud of giving her a life...

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