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chicken not quite right

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Hi all, I have hunted round the site but still have questions please. My old ex batt(Vidor) has just had a bath to clean up a very smelly bottom. I have noticed a horrible smell and white discharge which washed away easily, but when I let her back in the garden she prolapsed when trying to poo. The prolapse went straight back in. Otherwise she is healthier than she has ever been. Any ideas please? She does have a tendency to sit in the muck pile so I don't know if she has just been straining. Thanks in advance.

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Did you put the prolapse back manually? If she has had a prolapse you need to stop her laying otherwise it will pop straight back out. I would put her in a darkened box and withhold feed for 24 hours and give her water with a vitamin supplement. If it pops out again then maybe try again but you may be out of luck and a trip to the vets maybe your only option.


If it popped back on its own it may not have been a prolapse but the discharge and smell may be vent glee, a thrush infection that thrives on damp warm skin?

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