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Anyone have Maran bantams?

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I'm 'window shopping' to add to my four after I've moved (thinking that if I have any money left I might get a cube so it'd be rude not too!).


I fancy adding different colour eggs, but staying with bantams.


Am I right in thinking that araucana bantams lay blue eggs like their large fowl counterparts? And can anyone tell me how big the bantams are compared to Pekins or Wyandotte bantams?


And, I'd love dark brown eggs, so does anyone have maran bantams (I think Lee did?), and if you do have you got any photos of their eggs?


All about looks - I'm so shallow :lol:

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I have one Marans bantam left, but she's well past laying age now. They will lay brown eggs which will vary in shade a great deal depending on the breeding of the hen. If you want really dark eggs, then you will need to hunt around breeders, and look at Welsummers, which will also lay dark brown eggs, the same applies with that breed.


Araucanas will also lay any shade from bright turquoise through to an almost khaki green, so you'd nee to check the line with the breeder if you are looking for a specific shade.


Most hens' eggs will vary slightly in shade through the laying season anyway, so do bear that in mind.


I have a mixed flock of various bantams; the Araucanas are about the same height as the Wyandottes, but a different shape entirely.

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