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Favourite sandwich fillings?

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Now that I'm back to taking my own lunches, I'm looking for ideas for sandwiches please.


There's the old faithfuls of egg mayo/tuna mayo, and cheese and tomato, and my current fave is brie and grapes on ciabatta - scrummy :D !


What does everyone else put on their butties and do you have a favourite bread?

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The only thing to have in a sandwich is bacon, but no good when cold :( I am not a fan of the humble sandwich unless it is freshly made. Then I like prawn cocktail and cucumber, cheese and pickle or brown sauce, good quality ham and salad with butter not mayo, OH makes all sandwiches with mayo because he likes it and it spreads so much more easily, but it makes ham go slimy :vom: . Just remembered corned beef with onion too

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