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Alis girls

What person living or dead could you not live with?

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This thought came over me last night and my son said "heres your favourite man mum" :evil:


Barry Scott aka Cilit Bang man - hes gormless and shouts - so ruddy annoying - I'd happily put him in a vat of the stuff - bang and Barry Scott is gone.

Jeremy Clarkson

Paul McCartney - sorry he just annoys me

Amanda Holden - I want to like her but shes so irritating


Hitler - need I say more

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Barbara Windsor

Dennis Waterman

Paul McCartney

Hilary Mantel

Lily Allen

The entire cast of The Royale Family

My brother (& his wife)

The bloke on the bread section in a supermarket in Twyford :twisted:


My Husband can't abide Greg Wallace, & for one daughter its Nicholas cage, the other Gary Linekar...funny isn't it?

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So many, many people.

Anyone who describes themselves as bubbly.

Madonna strikes me as someone who would be very irritating.

Any of the amazing geniuses from the past, the alchemists, the physicists, the tortured artists would have tested my patience.

My neighbour. Any of my family except my kids.

Ed Miliband or George Galloway.

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When Ed Millaband first made the news I said to OH seriously " they sang that Abracadabra song didnt they ?" - :doh: it was the Steve Miller band. Silly me!!! The other ad that really grates on my nerves is the Foxy bingo - I know its a bloke in a fox outfit but I want to strangle him.

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OOOOh what a great thread!!!



Obvious ones like Adolf Hitler, Stalin etc but I guess thats all taken as read!?


Yes, Barry Scott who shouts too much (no I don't want to buy Cilit band even if its fab!)


Ed Milliband - blow your nose and be nice to your brother


Jimmy Carr - stop acting like a snotty teenager


The Man in the Oak Furniture Land ad.....overacting INS''T cool


Hilary Mantel - didn't like your books and you were really nasty to poor D of C


Fiona Bruce - please stop simpering at the camera and put on two stone


Jeremy Clarkson - yes, I find you funny but curiously self obsessed


Liz Jones - If you are not happy, which clearly you are not, go and do something that will make you happy and stop whinging at us


The Archbishop of Canterbury - for goodness sake its not real!


Nigella Lawson - it food, dear, not sex. If you are going to lick your fingers then wash your hands!


Delia Smith - 'What you want to do is....' ; no, actually what I want to do is chuck a brick at the telly!


Have to put the brakes on here as I could go on (as I am wont to do!)

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Sorry, just had to add


Brian Blessed and Ian Paisley.


There is a saying that Hell is of your own making and mine would be spending eternity stuck in a lift with the two above :shock:


Also wanted to add any waiting staff who place your meal on the table and then exhort you to 'ENJOY'......should, IMHO, be a hanging offence.


And Nicola Sturgeon who puts me in mind of Jimmy Crankie (and I am part Scots!)


Have promised myself that I won't look at this thread again; its FAR too tempting!

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Top of my list has to be Katie Hopkins. She is the most vile human being, why the media give her air time I will never know.


I agree with both Nigel Farage, can't agree with Nicholas Cage, he would be in my secret crush list. :lol:


One particularly loud tarty member of staff in my office. I can rub along with most people, but she really gets to me.


Jonathan Ross

Alan Carr

Steve Wight

Gordon Ramsey

Tracey Emin


:oops: there seem to be quite a few.

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My list

The Bush family

The Clinton family

The royal family (except Harry he is OK, oh and his mum Lady Di)

All MPs except Nigel F

All Rappers

All Private parking company people

Bloke next door :wall::wall:

My Mother (parkinsons, dementia, Grumpy old lady)

Ex wife

Vinnie a bloke from work who everyone dislikes.


When will the thread entitled who you can live with come out so I can say my wifey Irene and the cats and chickens.


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Cats tails any chance of a tape of your neighbours laugh? :lol:


Well... Since she exhibits this particular behaviour mostly at night... When I'm about to doze off or just did, I'm not in the ideal position to record her vocalisations. I do sometimes mimick them, and that often will shut her up. I think that my impressionation causes some confusion, and most likely embarresment in their nesting area. :lol::lol::wink:

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People who talk in Street slang

Youths that have their hands down their trousers

Gobby school girls

People that make no effort to speak English

Goats cheese I just had to add that!!!

People who spit

My mother in law

Cheryl Cole whatever

Gordon Ramsey

And everyone who thinks the world owes them a living

Phew I feel better now!!

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The whole cast of Eastenders

People who start sentences with the words "basically" "moving forward" "ultimately"

Militant breastfeeders....we have all done it love so put them away!!!

People who Say "my life's a journey"without having been anywhere

And all those people that come in to my work and can't make appointments offered but feel they need to say "I work in the City" or "I work 8-8" or " Hugo goes to club Monday, swimming Tuesday, beavers Wednesday,astrology class Thursday and Fridays we brain storm"... oh your sooooooo busy and important.....I have been known to say to them a simple yes or no will suffice

I am one angry lady :oops:

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Anyone who starts every sentence with the word 'So'

Plus anyone who ends it with "ok?"


Anyone who is "...ist" - I am not good with extreme views of any sort. Anyone who does not like animals. Anyone who is not a kind person when it really comes down to it.


My mum (sorry, but we always got on better at a distance :oops:), my brother, my brother's youngest demon child :twisted:, the current neighbours, my boss, the lazy work colleagues (the others are great).


Anyone who thinks what's mine is theirs without asking, who would start off living and move into the other category very quickly :lol:. Perhaps I'm just not good at sharing :think:


Oh, and my dad absolutely hates Clare Baldwin for some inexplicable reason, so whenever she's on telly I always refer to her as "future wife"!

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People who misuse there, their and they're. Anything to do with grammar.

The person who allows their (!) dog to foul the footpath near my house. I will catch you.....one day.... :twisted:


People who drive in the middle lane of the motorway.

People who can't be bothered to indicate.

(People who start a thread with 'I hope this is ok Mods.....' - It rarely is) :wink::lol:

The Media - they feed us what they want us to read. It's all lies IMHO


Bonnie Langford. *shudders*


Off for a sit down and a soothing cup of tea now.


Could live with -


Nigel Slater

Nigella Lawson (sorry)

Ben Affleck :wink:

Ben Cohen :wink:

Kit Harington :wink:

Dawn French

Sarah Milicent


Food, Laughter and eye candy.

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