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Alis girls

What person living or dead could you not live with?

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I know for sure that the people at my local supermarket dislike me... I keep finding things that are on the date or past date. It is their policy that you get the things on date for free and things past you get a fresh product free. I haven't bought meat for over weeks now... :wink:


But they are always very prickly when I turn up with something again. :?

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Camilla Parker Bowles and Charles. Scheming unpleasant people who just used a naiive little girl for his heir and a spare and wondered why she became difficult. As for Di, I'm indifferent.


Cherie Blair - always wearing red and the urge to post a letter in her face was too grate (I'm winding Christian up their) :twisted:

Tony Blair - I'm so innocent I became a Catholic and got my sins absolved and said a few Our Fathers and Hail Marys and I'm good to the world. And I've made a ton of dosh out of the plebs.

Maggie Thatcher's son - arms dealer and didn't mummy get him that job.

Ed Balls - he has piggy eyes

Mother-in-law - too nasty

My mother - too manipulative and controlling but fine in small doses.

The Spice Girls - ugh, girl power drove me nuts.

George W Bush

Oooh oooh oooooh Sarah Palin. What a nut job!!!!

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I agree with Patsy on emu - seriously creepy and just an excuse to grab peoples bits. I dont like ventriloquists or their puppets - I remember the film "Magic" where a dummy was evil and took over its owner- uggh horrible. Their eyes follow you. Clowns always freaked both my kids out.

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So many amusing comments here


A few selections from me:


Keith Lemmon

Alan Carr. Far too Chatty Man imo

Margaret Thatcher

Simon Cowell and all his hideous variety shows

Ant and Dec and I have no interest in which is which



I could go on........

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