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Treating red mite holistically

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That's really interesting, thank you for that Egluntyne - I had my first "outbreak" of red mite last year and was quite surprised how persistent the little wotsits were - so I think I shall go and make up this recipe and see what happens!!! Citronella is also great for keeping flies away from the Eglu and run so multi purpose!!!!

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The only thing that puzzles me, is it says mix it all in a LARGE spray bottle (with a bit of alcohol) - why LARGE - 5 or 10 drops of all of those isn't going to amount to very much - am I supposed to put water in as well - it would be a very strong solution if it was "neat"?


I make a DIY fly spray with citronella and eucalyptus and mix that with water, so wonder if the same should happen here?


(I did notice the creating rather than treating - but didn't want to nit pick as it's such a useful post!!! :oops::angel::anxious: )

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I would be inclined to drink the alcohol if I found red mite. :shock: Bit worried my hens would too surely if you are spraying that around my 2 are nosey little b-----s and would be there "whats that??" - i might give it a whirl. Where do I get thyme oil. Have got the others.

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I did my Undergrad Dissertation on the efficacy of treating Red Mite with Essential Oils :D


Neem, Thyme and Garlic essential oils are great for killing mites.

I used 5 essential oils at 9 combinations/concentrations and managed to kill 100% Red Mite in lab trials but the problem with essential oils is that they're volatile (evaporate) by their very nature and so need regular treatment in a real coop situation.





Be interested to hear how you get on!

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Scary photo Lewis - did you itch after looking at them?


In the summer, I spray the Aubiose in the housing and run with water mixed with drops of citronella, eucalyptus and tea tree oils as a fly deterrent, it seems to work. I also dab those oils on an old terracotta plant pot in front of the run; the heat makes those evaporate and waft around.


As Lewis said, I don;t think that the amounts we use in a domestic environment will kill them, but they certainly act as a deterrent, much as the similar oils in Barrier's red mite powder.

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