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Chicken deficient

Pekins and Sussex Bantams

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I too keep only pekins :D


But I would say go for it! I have hatched again this year (my own eggs as I've had poor hatches with bought eggs, but 100% success with my own :wink: ) Also, I've found it easier to introduced youngsters who have been in sight & sound. The chicks also become used to you handling them and can be very tame as hens :D


Just a couple of things to consider.......do you have the right equipment/set up for chicks? What will you do with any boys? Also, they need to be approximately 6 months old or "adult" sized before they can join the rest of your flock. So, you'll be running to pens like me! It does take time.


I would like to add some different bantams to my flock in the future too :D Keep us posted :wink:

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