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They look lovely.hope they lay as well, as my chicken nugget she has been the best 4years old now and just started to go off lay.had eggs from her every day for the 1st year.sunnyside is very good.x i had a amber star from them that layed double yolkers twice a week.xxx good luck and enjoy

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It was the girls first day out today, free ranging the garden. Flash rabbit was quick into making introductions, which included a good does of "bunny loving" for Fidget before we chased him off. :oops:

They have already worked out that gardening means lots of lovely worms and bugs.





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Flash rabbit is about 8 or 9 now, we don't know for sure as we inherited him from a friend who emigrated. Most dwarf lops seem to suffer problems with teeth, ears or eyes and - although we're pretty sure he's deaf - he's not had any other problems at all. He's also hilarious. Loves to play football (he "loves" that as well). He's got a small toy elephant that he runs around with, carrying it in his mouth. He goes in the garage and re-arranges tools when OH is working on his motorbikes. Also likes to shred newspaper and carry it off round the garden and inside the house.

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Spoke too soon. Bluebells now pretty much trashed, turns out they do like the leaves, but mostly the bugs that like to live around the bottom of the stems... :roll:


Egg production pretty much went straight to two eggs a day. Mostly between 40 and 50 grammes, until this morning.


No wonder Fidget was making a racket! That's an 80 gram egg, more than 50% bigger than yesterdays!

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