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Hi, I am totally new to keeping chicken and have bought my egglu three weeks ago. I got three Columbian Blacktail hybrids (Bettie, Lettie and Hettie) that have 2 x 6 metres space to roam. I bought them as Point of Lay chickesn and have had them now for three weeks, but... no eggs! I clean the egglu tray every day and put fresh straw in the nest box but the only thing they seem to do in the nest box is poo! I feed them layers pellets and a bit of mixed corn in the afternoon as a treat. They also have grit. Am I being too impatient or am I doing something wrong? Any help for this novice would be really appreciated! Thanks x

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Congrats on getting your hens and welcome to the forum!


Point Of Lay isn't an exact science. Do you know how old your birds are?

Best way to tell if they are laying is looking at their comb and wattles. They should be red and their faces should be a nice pink, when they are laying. If they are still light pink, they are just not there yet.

Also, some hens will crouch if they are laying. (Definitely not all though) They sort of lay down in front of you on their belly and spread their wings a bit.


Personally I wouldn't use straw in the nestbox, as it can harbor red mite. I just have wood chippings, which work just as well.

Just to be certain they are not secretly tucking into their own eggs, you might want to check their nestbox frequently during the day, and moniter any hens that pop into the eglu during the day.


Ps: picture are mandatory! :wink: but you'll be able upload them only after at least 5 posts.

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Welcome :D


They are probably just settling in :wink:


I'm sure eggs will follow shortly. You would be wise to provide oyster shell for them too, it's to help with egg shells :D Yes straw can harbour mites, mine got scaley leg mites this way :(


Enjoy your hens & remember you will always find help, support & advice here.

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Thank you very much for all your responses. It is nice to find a community out there. I love my three girls and am surprised how quickly I got attached to them. I will be a little bit more patient and replace the straw by wood chips this weekend. I will keep you posted on the first "arrival". Two at least have got quite red combs and waddles so should not be far off then. But indeed they had a lot of changes over the last three weeks, coming from a big barn with lots of POL chicks and moving into the egglu 'des res'. They are quite tame though, eat out of my hand etc. Haven't found any half eaten eggs or such but will check more regularly.

Many thanks again!

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They will lay, but when your waiting for your first egg it seems forever. As others have said depends on age. Ive had new ones that laid the next day ive also had some that have taken 4 weeks. It will be worth the wait xx

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Just to let you know... I took Cattails advice and checked the box just now and... found my first egg! What a great experience. I've never been so happy with an egg!




Great result! Btw... I had to wait about 4 months for mine... But my ladies were only 12 weeks when I got them.


Some hens will crouch if they are laying. (Definitely not all though) They sort of lay down in front of you on their belly and spread their wings a bit.


Ah that explains that! makes them much easier to pick up and check over too


They are sort of waiting for you to do the deed Ric, as there is no cockerel around. :roll::whistle::whistle:

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