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What do you think these birds are?

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I recently bought two little hens at a local agricultural show. They were advertised as game birds but i'm really not sure what type. They are not much bigger than pidgeons and although look a little like Old English Game are far too small. They are stocky like Indian Game but are still too small. As they had been running with a cockerill we have several of their eggs under one of my Sussex Bantams who's broody and one is definately fertile. Anyone have any ideas as to the breed-if I can upload a photo I will.

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Hi and thanks for the replies


Dont know how to post pics on here sorry but after much searching I have found what I believe to be my birds

They are Old English Game Bantams apparently miniture 1/4 size of usual Old English Game. I have one fertile egg under a Sussex bantam surrogate and due around today-hoping its not a little boy. I love these little birds they are so lively and nosy and friendly and you could get a dozen in an egloo. If i could find a breeder I'd have a few more but they seem to be hard to come by. I bought mine at a lcal agricultural show and the seller had them locked away for fear of being stolen for being used for fighting as bait birds.I am a bit worried with them being so small with birds of prey around but I kid you not they go like lightning. So hoping the baby is born healthy. My first chick :D . I'd have prefered a few as i have heard its not good for chicks to grow up alone.

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I've got a couple of OEGs very diddy talkative wee things, Tweet has just gone broody and is on Japanese eggs. Twitter is, well odd, kind of in another world and is prone to doing a goose stepping thing when she walks. They are both good layers and would recommend them to anyone. The boys can be agressive as is what they are. Love them to bits.

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