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Had to have poor little chicken of fate Houdini to sleep today. Unfortunately she had what our vet suspects to be a tumour. She'd been ill for some time and had finally reached a level where she wasn't eating or moving much. Once it became obvious that she was at least uncomfortable, we had to make the call. It's such a shame as she was a very gentle, trusting and friendly little hen with a squeaky voice, we're going to miss her. Here's a photo of her in happier days:



...and here's her story from a previous Omlet forum posting:


we found a chicken of fate last year, a little sussex bantam - she was running scared in a country lane near where my then girlfriend (now wife) works. Poor thing was lost and confused - she'd been run over by a car, but amazingly only lost her tail feathers.

My girlfriend tried to rescue her to no avail, as did others. "Ooops, word censored!"ody in that area was known to keep hens, so after some door knocking, they had to give up.


The hen spent the rest of the day cowering under a bush. After work, my girlfriend had another look, failed to find her and then told me when she got home... 35 mins later we were back out there in the dark, scrambling through gorse bushes.


After an hour, we found her shivering in a shrub. After another hour of her trying to escape being caught, we got her, took her home and gave her food and water. Due to all of this, she's now called Houdini...


She's got a lovely life now and has us wrapped around her claws.


I love my little chicken of fate!

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