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Magnet doggie collars....

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Does anyone have any experience of these?


Finley as arthritis in his knee quite badly for a young dog, along with his hydrotherapy he is now on metacam daily, and i've invested in one of these as I know that magnets can be helpful in humans!


Any info is helpful :D





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I had one for my lab. He had terrible arthritis, he couldn't tolerate Metacam or any anti arthritic drug. He was on Tramadol 3 times a day.I thought the collar helped him and I was able to reduce his meds, it occasionally came off and I didn't notice the missing collar but I noticed him limping more.

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Well, I thought Willow was developing joint stiffness/arthritis etc three years ago - I bought a "Magno Mutt" collar, put it on and she's been wearing it ever since (it does get washed occasionally!!!!)

She is now 13 and still walks very well, although she is obviously slowing down a bit. I can't say whether that's down to the collar or good luck or a combo of both - I was thinking of buying her a new "trendy" collar t'other day, then remembered the one she has is magnetic, so I've left well alone for now!

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thanks for the good feedback!!!


I have the 'magno mutt' collar it's been on since saturday so am keeping a beady eye on him, but he seems fine. Do you know if they need to fit snuggly? I am wondering if it's a bit tight and i can let it out a bit, he's not used to a fixed collar...

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