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RIP Hen Solo

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Hen Solo was a rescue bird of gavclojak's. She was bullied by her 'sisters' several months after rescue, and I brought a bright purple Solo home with me to give Lisa some respite. Solo integrated slowly into my flock with Nimbus (RIP) as her first companion and seemed to get on well with everyone. She was such a funny looking bird with her little legs and rotund body - but possibly her weight went against her as recently she seemed to have difficulty breathing if she sat down.


Bye Bye funny, waddling, friendly Hen Solo, you will be missed.



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Thanks for the text this morning paula. You were an angel when you took solo, I was inexperienced and felt out of my depth and didn't know what to do. Your kindness was so appreciated. I have always felt guilty I didn't persevere longer and I feel I let her down. She was better off with you and I'm so sad she has gone but two of her bully sisters still remain, they too are big chunky light coloured girls with little stumpy legs.

Sleep tight solo and today, think of the 422 sisters we are rehoming in your honour xx

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