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'lisa' BHWT resue hen pulled through

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We (BHWT) did a rehoming Saturday and one poor girl was in a sorry state, we kept her separate and I spent an hour cuddling her, I thought she would expire at any minute and if I were brave enough I would have dispatched her as she was gasping, had her eyes closed and as far as I was concerned was too far gone to recover......but she did!!

One of our lovely volunteers Jo took her home, gave her lots of TLC overnight and the next day she was a lot brighter and todays she is standing up unaided. Jo has called her 'Lisa' after me and I am so happy she has made it through. I always find it difficult when one dies so soon after rehoming, I want them all to get a chance to feel the sun on their back but this just show's you the powers of 'the Hen' :lol:

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That's good news. I am sure it is harrowing and rewarding at the same time doing rescues. I can only imagine how traumatised the poor hens are. I was lucky my lot had to be kept by rescue girl for 3 weeks as my WIR was delayed and they had put on a lot of weight. I have 2 of my 10 left 3 years free in Sept.

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