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Mrs Nesbitt

Argghhh - broody coop!

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So my lovely new lo-rise 2m x 2m has had to become a broody coop - arggghhh... :roll:


Was just about to go off on hols and leave my lovely neighbours in charge of the chooks, when one of them (chook not neighbour!!) decided it was 'broody time'... didn't really want to leave my neighbours to deal with chucking her off the next everyday etc etc, so decided the best (and easiest) thing to do at such short notice (due to leave next day!!!) was to turn the new run into a 'broody coop' whilst we were away.


As much as it pains me to say it, it worked fantastically: food and water, small pet carrier if she really wanted to sit (just to make it easier for my neighbours), a lovely branch for perching and waterproof cover. Got home late last night and let her out this morning... no signs of broodiness and laid an egg today!! Yay!! :lol:


Sods law though... went down the garden earlier and blow me but there's another one gone broody!!! And there was me thinking I'd connect the run back up again... :(:roll:

Ah well... at some point I'll get the lo-rise back again...!!

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